Buy an Electric Boat

Our range of strong yet refined and attractive electric boats are designed to withstand the toughest environment of all – going out on hire every day in our own fleet, delivering hassle free enjoyment with zero emissions. You can rely on them. Come and try one on the beautiful Kerikeri river!

Incorporating features such as solar power, comfortable seating and incredibly easy for a beginner to drive, we can customise our designs to meet your needs, with speeds up to 20 knots and battery endurance up to several days (some of our boats offer unlimited range at low speeds utilising the optional solar panels), anything is possible!

Here’s one of our two seat mini electric boats to whet your appetite. Big fun, small boat, great price! Just 3.2 metres long, you can easily tow them on a trailer launch them on a trolley or hoist them up on davits.

They make a fantastic and distinctive yacht tender, but who needs a yacht when these boats are easily capable of return trips out to the many islands of the Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Islands or beyond without recharging. Our standard specification can provide more than 8 hours continuous motoring on a single charge.

The optional solar panel will further extend your range and can fully recharge the battery in a few days. For fast-charging simply plug the boat into mains electricity at home or in a marina.

If there isn’t a power supply handy then the removable, portable battery can be taken home for charging or swapped for a charged one.

Our custom-designed LiFePo4 batteries utilise the latest technology for light weight, complete safety and an extremely long life. They are capable of many thousands of full discharge cycles.

These unique and desirable little boats are built to order in batches. Place your order now for delivery in November 2020, we’ll make sure you get it in good time for the summer boating season. The order deadline for November 2020 delivery is 1st August and the next batch will be delivered in May 2021.

Your boat will be custom built to your own specification. There are a wide range of options – we can optimise your mini boat for the best speed, weight, endurance or price. Please email us now for a personalised quote.

More information on our larger designs is coming very soon…..