Electric boat motor options

We offer a wide range of electric boat motors for new boat building, conversion of existing boats or simple installation on a standard outboard bracket.

Our standard options range from 0.5kw (replaces a 3hp outboard) up to 35kw per motor (replaces a 60hp diesel) and we can custom-build solutions to order for any vessel. Please contact us for a free consultation about the best option for your boat.

Our most popular motors are outboard and stern-drive types which can be clamped or bolted onto the stern of a huge range of existing boat designs, many of which originally had highly polluting, high maintenance, noisy and unreliable two-stroke petrol outboards.

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We also offer a full range of inboard (shaft drive) motors which can be installed on the same bearers as an old diesel or petrol engine. This includes a Hybrid electric drive which installs between the diesel engine and the propeller shaft, working as either a generator or a motor.

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Our “Saildrive” units install through the hull. These are ideal for larger boats and can be retro-fitted to replace inboard petrol and diesel engines with a saildrive, mounting directly to the existing engine bed. We can even offer a range of steerable electric Saildrives!

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Our pod motors are another very flexible alternative to a conventional inboard. They bolt onto the outside of the hull and are cooled directly by the seawater passing over them. Simple and effective. They can be installed anywhere because they don’t require a large, custom designed mounting like a saildrive does. Putting the motor outside frees up a lot of space inside the boat for other uses and allows much more freedom to design layouts which would otherwise be obstructed by the engine. Being underwater makes the motor almost perfectly silent with none of the whining noise associated with some above-water electric motors.

We offer both fixed pods and steerable pods. Fixed pods are ideal to use on sailing boats in conjunction with a normal rudder. They are a simpler and less expensive alternative to a saildrive.

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Steerable pods are pod motors mounted on a shaft. The shaft can be turned to steer the boat. They can be installed to replace an existing spade type rudder and shaft, or they can be built into your new boat design. Steerable pods offer the best manoeuvrability. A rudder attachment can be fitted so that you can still steer with the pod when the motor is not running.

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