Electric Outboards

Our range of electric outboards have been designed and proven to work reliably and work hard, all day, every day, all year. They have been in use for decades on large fleets of electric boats for hire. The design has been constantly refined to make these motors the most reliable and most efficient in the world.

They feature a fully cast aluminium casing and leg with no plastic parts.

They are compatible with a wide range of Lead Acid or Lithium batteries. These motors will outlast any current battery technology, so you can replace the batteries with the latest lightweight battery technology in a few years time and let your grandchildren inherit the motor!

Why buy a “disposable” electric outboard with exposed cables and connectors, plastic parts and non-standard integrated batteries? It will all end up in landfill in a few years. The carbon footprint and pollution from building a cheap electric outboard (which isn’t built to last) could exceed the environmental benefits of using electric power to propel the boat.

Our motors may cost a little more up front, but in the long run they are the very best option for protecting the environment and they’ll save you time and money by being ultra reliable.

Our motors are available as:

  • A tiller-steer, clamp on outboard
  • A remote-steer, clamp-on outboard
  • A steerable pod motor on a shaft, to replace your rudder
  • A fixed pod motor which can be bolted through the hull
  • A fixed or steerable “saildrive” to fit existing mountings
  • A range of inboard motors for your existing propeller shaft

We offer a full range of sizes from 0.5kw (1-2hp equivalent) up to 20kw (35hp equivalent), all with highly efficient, maintenance free, BLDC (Brushless DC) and AC motors. Systems more than 20kw can be built to order.

We can customise any order to fit your exact needs, including options such as twin engine controls and second station controls.

Our motors are usually supplied as a complete system comprising:

  • Motor and fittings to attach it to the boat
  • Batteries: Lithium LiFePo4 chemistry for safety, extra long life, and low weight. We also offer Flooded Lead Acid Traction batteries or maintenance-free AGM batteries as a budget option when weight is not a problem.
  • Controls (Tiller throttle or remote throttle)
  • Electronic speed control module
  • All cables and connectors
  • Suitable chargers.
  • Display panels and monitoring


The optional integrated rudder allows you to steer with the pod even when the motor is not running. It also provides increased protection for the propellor.

A range of alternative controls and displays is available. Each order can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

We can supply a full range of spare parts in the unlikely event that you ever need any.