Inboard Electric Boat Motors

Combi inboard shaft drive

Replace your smelly, heavy, oily Diesel or Petrol engine with a smooth, silent electric motor.

Our electric motors can be coupled directly to your existing propellor shaft, so you can get rid of the gearbox too!

Got a Saildrive? Even easier! Our Pod motors can be supplied with an adapter plate to fit your engine bed so that they can be simply bolted on to replace your saildrive.

Combi Nautic fixed pod drive

Not got an engine or propeller shaft at all? Simply drill a small hole for the power cable and bolt one of our Pod motors directly to the bottom of your hull.

You can fit a pod motor to almost any boat in minutes. There’s no need for big holes and rubber seals, our electric Pod motors are so smooth-running that they can attach straight to the hull. They give unlimited flexibility about where to place the motor(s) and they free up lots of space and layout options inside the boat.

Pod motors are mounted in the water and cooled directly by the water flowing past them. There is no need for cooling water pumps – one less thing to go wrong.

Many of our customers opt to remove their existing propeller shaft or saildrive, seal up the hole and switch to a pod motor, which reduces weight, removes the risk of leaks and drips around the shaft and is even quieter than other electric drives because the motor is deep under water.

Please visit our online shop to view the full range of inboard options, saildrives or pod drives.