1.0kw 12v ECO steerable pod motor by Ruban Bleu

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$3,055.00 (excluding GST)


1 kW POD engine – 12 Volts

The MP12/1 is a high-efficiency engine. With 1300 revolutions per minute at cruising speed, this low power consumption engine is almost silent and running costs are virtually zero.

Because this motor operates on just 12 volts it can share batteries with all the other systems on your boat, using standard 12 volt equipment throughout, without needing a separate battery bank.

This is a DC motor which means it can run directly from battery power at full speed without additional electronic controls, although we do recommend adding an electronic throttle control, which we can supply.

Suitable for:

Fishing boats
Rental boats (small models)

It will push a 600 kg boat without problems. A MP12/1 on your boat is the assurance of unrivalled navigational comfort. In addition, its low power draw gives your battery a longer lifespan.

Wondering if this engine is compatible with your boat? Not sure what batteries to acquire with this engine? Please email or phone us to discuss your requirements. We can provide a complete package.

What are the benefits of the ECO range?

100% electric engines: no Co2 emissions, no noise, cost of use about NZ$0.45 per hour.

Extended pre-maintenance time (up to 1200 hours before the first maintenance compared to 400 to 600 depending on the engines on the market. The second maintenance is done at 2000
hours of using, i.e. several years of utilisation of the engine before maintenance).

The first maintenance is “light,” achievable yourself (no need to ship the engine for overhaul). Our maintenance kit and other spare parts are available at any time on our online store.

Ruban Bleu designs, manufactures and markets its engines at competitive prices with full control over the entire production chain. Our goal is to develop a range using new technologies to meet all market expectations.

A range of eco-friendly engines suitable for both professional and private use.

100% French made, with high quality materials.

Engine warranty: 1 year.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg