NextGen 48v DC 4.3kw Marine Diesel Generator for hybrid electric propulsion

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We have one 4.3kw ultra-compact, super-quiet low RPM, 48 volt DC generator designed specifically for hybrid propulsion in conjunction with any of our 48v DC motors.

It comes complete with a fibreglass, soundproofed case and is a quality unit.

This is a fully marinised Kubota-based diesel genset for salt water cooling, built in the USA by NextGen marine.

It was purchased by the importer for a project but they had a change of plans and opted for higher voltage motors so it has barely been used and has been in storage for a few years until we acquired it.

We can supply this as part of a complete system together with a 48v propulsion motor to create a series hybrid yacht or launch.

This will function as a “series hybrid” – the genset will feed power into the propulsion batteries as the motor takes it out, giving you unlimited range – when your batteries run low simply start the generator. It can also function to supply all your house loads from the 48v batteries via a 230v inverter.

Note that the 48v output is suitable for charging a bank of lead acid batteries. The output voltage is not adjustable and may not be suitable for some lithium batteries.

Japanese Kubota industrial engine (same brand as used by Beta marine engines), Prestolite alternator (USA) and marinised in the USA by NextGen.

The unit will be fully serviced and tested before delivery, however as this product has been used we are unable to offer any warranty and it is sold as seen.

Please note some of the pictures, the manual, manufacturers specs and brochure show the 230v version of this genset not this special 48v version, so the alternator looks a little different and the electrical specifications differ.

Manufacturer’s description:

Ultra Compact Marine 4.3kW DC Genset

Traditional direct-coupled 1,800 rpm gen-sets are often too large and heavy to fit in many small to medium-sized vessels where space is at a premium. Using a patent-pending design, Next Generation Power Engineering, Inc. offers an ultra-compact, lightweight 4.8KW diesel machine that doesn’t resort to the current trend of high speed 3,600 rpm operation.

A twin belt drive system permits a lower rpm operation. This allows the engine to run at a comfortable and quiet mid-range speed of 2,800 rpm. The 7 hp Kubota single-cylinder diesel engine uses a horizontal design, making the UCM1-3.5 the lowest profile gen-set built to date.

Generator dimensions are:
28″ (70cm) long
15″ (43cm) wide
15″ (43cm) high
Dry weight: only 160 lbs (72.5kg).

Sound-insulated enclosure dimensions:
Length: 30″ (75cm)
Width: 18″ (50cm)
Height: 16.5″ (48cm)

Brochure / specs for 230v version