5kw (10hp equivalent) light weight shaft drive inboard system (used)

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$3,000.00 (excluding GST)


We have several of these 5kw brushless 48v beltdrive systems in stock, they can be modified and customised for your installation.

This fantastic compact, lightweight electric motor has a toothed belt drive system which enables the use of a lightweight, high RPM motor, making the complete system a fraction of the weight of a direct drive system. The belt can last thousands of hours and the pulley size can be changed to optimise the RPM for the size and pitch of your propeller.

This system will suit displacement yachts and motor launches of up to 5 tonnes displacement (NOT the same as the registered tonnage).

The belt drive is made in New Zealand and compes with a 48v DC brushless air cooled motor and motor controller.

The motor controller supports most types of speed control (potentiometer or hall effect) and has connections for a seperate reverse switch and kill cord. It has optional CAN bus output to connect into an onboard instrument system.

It will suit any type of 48v batteries – lithium or lead acid.

We can supply various speed control levers to suit, this is not included so please contact us for more info.

We also have various mounting brackets. The mounting system may be different depending on the boat.

A thrust bearing for the propeller shaft is required and must be added if your shaft doesn’t have one already. This is not included but we can install one optionally. The output shaft is not included. The output pulley fits a 30mm output shaft with 5mm keyway but can be modified for other shaft sizes. Again, we can supply a shaft and/or flange optionally at additional cost.

It is air cooled to keep things simple so it doesn’t require any water cooling system, thru hulls, impeller or filters.

It has a configurable regeneration function so you can charge the batteries while sailing if your propeller spins fast enough.

This system is lightly used but has only been used in product development and testing.

It is ideal for a shaft driven yacht of up to about 32ft length or 5 tonnes displacement.

The motor is rated at 5kw. Much higher output is possible for short periods.

Please enquire for full details and an assessment of suitability for your yacht.

An installation service is available and this is suitable for DIY installation if you have a reasonable level of mechanical and electrical competence.

No warranty as this is a used item, sold as seen. If we carry out the installation work then we will guarantee to supply a working system at the completion of installation but will not be responsible for any fault developing after that or due to any installation error by the purchaser.