5kw inboard motor, controls and mounting brackets kit. [SOLD]

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$3,400.00 (excluding GST)

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SOLD – please email us and we will let you know when another one comes in.

This motor has been refurbished with new bearings.

Power is 5kw, equivalent to a 12hp diesel.

It requires a 36 volt or 48 volt battery pack (sold separately).

We have only one of these, available now in stock ready to install.

This motor was installed in a 30 ton steel yacht (not by us) but has been removed for an upgrade because it wasn’t powerful enough for the vessel (it was able to propel that yacht at 4 knots in calm conditions). We’d recommend it as ideal to propel a vessel of up to 5 tonnes (5000kg) displacement at maximum hull speed. It could propel a larger vessel in sheltered waters at a little less than hull speed.

The motor was originally the main drive motor for a large forklift truck so it is a heavy duty, industrial quality unit, designed specifically for propulsion purposes. These motors are widely used so spares and repairs are readily available.

It comes with the instruments (battery gauge etc.), speed and direction controls and the contactors from the forklift. These are not pretty but they are very robust and have been modified to be operated remotely by the morse control rods of a yacht. They could also be operated directly by hand if you attach suitable levers.

Alternatively the motor could be driven with a modern programmable DC motor controller (available separately) instead of using the original control systems.

Substantial custom fabricated steel mounting brackets are included. These are suitable for mounting the motor to the engine bed of most shaft driven yachts.

A flange for connecting the propeller shaft is included. An adapter or a different flange may be required if it doesn’t match the one on your prop shaft.

As this unit has been previously used it is “sold as seen” without any warranty. It will be delivered in working condition but due to the risk of damage occurring during installation or due to incorrect wiring we cannot accept responsibility for any faults occurring after delivery.

This heavy item is currently stored at our Kerikeri workshop. You can collect from here, or please contact us to discuss shipping options. We may be able to deliver it to Auckland as we go there fairly regularly, otherwise it could be shipped on a pallet.

We can assist with installation if required. Please contact us for a quote.

We can also supply a suitable generator to use this motor for a hybrid diesel-electric system.