Combi LQ Inboard – Liquid cooled electric inboards for shaft drive vessels

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$8,413.00 (excluding GST)


Combi’s team of engineers have been building electric boat propulsion systems in the Netherlands for more than 40 years. Their wide range of propulsion systems are refined, reliable and highly efficient.

The Combi Inboard is suitable for retrofitting to replace most common shaft drive marine diesel engines and can be incorporated in new-build vessels.

The electric motor can silently drive your boat under battery or solar power. On board batteries alone can offer a whole day of propulsion time. If you require unlimited range then a separate generator can be installed to top up the batteries when necessary. The generator and electric motor can be run at the same time for a series-hybrid system.

48v power is very safe to work with. To allow up to 20kw propulsion power without increasing the voltage beyond 48v, combi use a dual drive system with two motors coupled together on the same shaft. Either motor can drive the vessel separately and each has its own drive electronics so this system is perfect for safety critical vessels where full redundancy is required.

For higher power please see the Combi IPM inboard range (listed separately) and for simpler installation on small vessel take a look at the Air Cooled range.

A separate battery bank is required (which we can supply in a variety of types, shapes and sizes). The motors are highly refined and built to last a lifetime but battery technology is still developing fast so you’re free to swap out the batteries for the latest technology in future. That’s true sustainable design.

Each installation is hand built to fit your boat. Additional costs and components may be required. Contact us now for a quote.