Combi SD Saildrive with Technodrive leg (directly replaces standard saildrives)

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$16,826.00 (excluding GST)

Available on back-order


Note: there is currently a waiting list for supply of Combi saildrives, please contact us for details. We do have an Oceanvolt 10kw saildrive in stock.

The Combi Saildrive SD is a combination of a Technodrive saildrive leg with a 1: 1 transmission. This
solution replaces the diesel engine and saildrive directly, usually no modification of the engine bed is required.

The electric motor is mounted vertically to drive the saildrive directly, without the efficiency loss of having a gearbox at the top. In case your engine space doesn’t have enough height for the vertical motor, then a horizontally mounted motor option with a 90 degree gearbox is available for the same price.

Please contact us to discuss the right options for your install.

This set can be further expanded with various accessories and installation materials.
See the accessory list for this.

Standard set price consists of:
o Combi Saildrive SD Liquid Cooled
o Control box – Liquid Cooled
o Control panel with throttle control level and key switch
o Integrated thrust bearing
o Open cooling water system (Salt water heat exchanger is optional)
o Standard system monitoring
o Standard cable set
o Standard propeller

More Coming Soon

The developments of the saildrive solutions are in
full swing. In addition to the new right angle gear, we are also
working on higher power options for both variations.