Combi H-Thruster Outboard for wheel steering

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$6,544.00 (excluding GST)


Note: We currently have a 2.5kw H-Thruster in stock in Kerikeri for inspection or test drive. Please ask to see it!

Combi’s team of engineers have been building electric boat propulsion systems in the Netherlands for more than 40 years. Their wide range of propulsion systems are refined, reliable and highly efficient.

Electric boats propelled by Combi pod motors have been operating in the Netherlands for decades and many of their original motors are still running perfectly on commercial hire boats after more than 30 years of hard daily use.

Their designs have been constantly refined, not replaced. Every little bug has been ironed out and every component optimised. These motors are the world’s toughest electric propulsion systems, guaranteed to stand up to the demanding New Zealand boating environment.

The H-Thruster electric outboard comes in a range of different sizes from 1kw up to 3.5kw (up to 15kw coming soon) and 24v or 48v. It simply clamps onto the stern of your boat just like a conventional outboard.

A separate, battery bank is required (which we can supply in a variety of types, shapes and sizes). The batteries can be stored anywhere on the boat, giving flexibility for space and balance.

The motors are highly refined and built to last a lifetime but battery technology is still developing fast so you’re free to swap out the batteries for the latest technology in future. That’s true sustainable design. If you hit an underwater obstruction then the motor will automatically kick up to protect itself from damage.

Even the throttle control/tiller is custom made by Combi because nobody else makes an electronic throttle which could withstand decades of abuse when the boats are on hire, rain, ice, sunlight and salt water.