Juice LiFePo4 lithium battery 12v 200AH

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These premium quality batteries are made in New Zealand so support is readily available from the manufacturer.

They can be connected in series and in parallel to build big battery banks or supply higher voltage.

Juice batteries are fully compliant with NZS3004 standards for use on commercial vessels and the LiFePo4 chemistry is by far the safest lithium chemistry.

These batteries have a very high current rating so they are ideal for propulsion. Being purpose-build marine batteries, the optional full colour control panel can connect to an NMEA2000 network to share battery status data with other instruments on board.


Juice Professional Series Li-Ion batteries have been developed in New Zealand specifically for the demanding marine market

Juice Pro Series Li-Ion batteries come complete with integrated bi-directional active cell balancing, BMS and battery capacity monitoring to produce a battery that will provide greater than 3000 cycles to 80% DOD, efficiently balance each cell to maintain the batteries rated capacity, and protect your battery bank from over discharge or over voltage from your charging system.

While Li-Ion technology can offer significant advantages over traditional flooded, AGM and GEL batteries such as compact size, and reduced weight, a number of Lithium Ion advantages are only achievable with cell balancing and a battery management system (BMS) that is designed for their intended application. Many Li-Ion products in the market either have no cell balancing and BMS, or a balancing and BMS system that is not designed for the marine and mobile market, thus not allowing the Li-Ion cells to meet their cycle life design, maintain their rated battery capacity or protect your battery investment from over discharge or charging system problems.

Juice Pro Series Lithium Ion batteries have a number of unique features to provide superior performance in these demanding markets. While Juice Pro Series batteries do not require any specialised charging equipment and are designed to retrofit into an existing system, each battery also has control over the charge sources to protect the battery and electrical system from damage due to charging issues. This is particularly important when considering charging from engine alternators. Unique to Juice Pro Series batteries is completely independent control over charge sources and battery loads, along with an integrated self test function. These features provide another level of protection to prevent unintentional damage or shortened life to your batteries.

Furthermore any marine installation in NZ is required to comply with the current Australia & NZ Electrical Standards (AS/NZS 3004.2:2014). These standards list what features the BMS must have for any Li-Ion installation. Juice Pro Series Li-Ion batteries have been designed to meet these standards.

The Juice JLI-12200PRO battery is designed for 12V systems, has a nominal terminal voltage of 13.25V and high power output of 2560 Whr – 200 a/hrs @ C1-C20. To make installation of larger battery banks possible, the Juice cell balancing technology was designed to enable multiple batteries to be installed in parallel . For higher voltage installation, such as 48v, 72V or 96V electrical propulsion, solar or industrial applications, Juice Pro Series batteries have an integrated series balancer to provide balancing even on series strings.

Product Features
Compact and lightweight – 1/3rd weight of lead acid batteries
Three times the life of flooded / AGM / GEL batteries (3000 cycles)
Fast charging and discharging
Integrated active cell balancing, BMS
Integrated battery monitoring (Voltage, current, state of charge)
Integrated programmable input & output relays (auto generator control, load shedding)
Can be used in parallel or Series for larger battery bank capacities and voltages
Comply with latest Aus/ NZ marine electrical standards
Suitable for most conventional charging systems
NMEA Output
CE Compliant