Ruban Bleu “Ace” Electric Boat

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A family electric boat
Thanks to its stability, this electric boat is ideal for family sailing. It can safely accommodate 5 people on board.

Aesthetic and comfortable
The ACE allows the pilot to sit in the back of the boat on a spacious seat with a view of all passengers on board.

Affordable and compact
The Ace provides an accessible entry point to electric boating for everyone, it will fit on a small trailer or can be kept in the water.

A great business opportunity
The low initial outlay, low maintenance requirements and minimal space occupied on your dock mean these boats provide an exceptionally good return on investment as part of a hire fleet.

The standard motor is suitable for sheltered lakes and harbours without strong currents. An optional upgrade to a 1.6kw motor and lithium batteries allows safe navigation in rivers and tidal estuaries where stronger currents and winds are encountered.

Technical specifications
Length : 3,85 m
Width : 1,90 m
Weight in load : 270 Kg (with batteries)
CE certification : 5 passengers Cat. D
Construction : Polyester
Type : 1000 W motor (Upgradable)
Voltage : 12 Volts
Batteries : 320 Amp hours (Upgradeable)
Charger : 12V/40 Amp. Self-regulated
Maximum speed : 7 Km/h (4 knots)
Range : 7 hours