Ruban Bleu “Scoop” Electric Boat

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$26,243.00 (excluding GST)

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Adaptable for families and groups, for a tour or for exploring the lakes and rivers of New Zealand, you will make unforgettable memories on this boat.

Made for rental operations
This boat is designed for rental businesses. It is exceptionally easy to maintain. The
seating layout can comfortably accomodate seven passengers. The streamlined hull and the power of the electric motor provide smooth and quiet sailing in all conditions.

Ideal for picnics
A table may be added optionally for picnics on the water during your sailing trip.

Safe boat
The rear position of the driver and the high freeboard enhance the safety of the passengers.

Technical specifications
Length : 4,75 m
Width : 1,95 m
Weight in load : 520 kg (with batteries)
CE certification : 7 passengers in category D waters
Construction : Polyester
Type : 1.6 kW steerable pod motor
Voltage : 24 V
Battery capacity : 320 Amp hours.
Charger : 24V/45 Amp. Self-regulated
Maximum speed : 8 Km/h (4.3 knots)
Range : 7 hours

Price listed is for the base model, please contact us to discuss the range of options and enhancements available, including the “SCOOP PLUS” model.