Torqeedo 24-3500 battery

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$5,292.48 (excluding GST)


These batteries can be connected in series to form 48v battery banks (not higher voltage) and can be connected in parallel to increase capacity.

They are fully waterproof and specially designed for use with Torqeedo motors but can also be used with other manufacturers’ motors or as house batteries.

Each battery comes with a network cable which allows batteries to communicate with each other and with Torqeedo outboards and controls.

To use the battery without a Torqeedo outboard you must purchase the optional start switch which connects to the network cable so that you can turn the battery bank on without using a Torqueedo motor controller.

Power 24-3500 Battery
Nominal voltage: 25.9 V
Capacity: 3,500 Wh
Weight: 25.3 kg
Dimensions: 577.5 x 218.5 x 253.5 mm