Torqeedo Power 48-5000 Battery

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$8,974.20 (excluding GST)


Suitable for use with Torqeedo and other 48v motors. You can connect a second battery in parallel to double the capacity.

These batteries are waterproof and lightweight, specially designed for use with 48v Torqeedo Cruise motors they have network connectors allowing them to communicate with the motor but can still function without a network connection.

The battery can be turned on using a Torqeedo motor controller (older Torqeedo motor controllers may have compatibility issues and require an adapter). If you don’t have a Torqeedo motor then you need the optional remote switch which connects to the network cable to turn on the battery.

High-performance lithium battery 5.000 Wh
Rated voltage 44.4 V
Weight 36,5 kg
Including battery management system with integrated protection against overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge, polarity reversal, overheating and submersion
Waterproof to IP67